Friday, May 12, 2006

The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable

May 12th.
STILL HAVING Problem with incoming

First tech told me the old gizmo would work. People complained all day that there was a problem with incoming calls.

Called tech support, asked me to replace the old gizmo with the new one. and assured me it would work.
asked people to call, they still could not get through.
called tech again, spoke to rocky badge # - 333506. Sorry i am so dumb that i have to escalate this to level 3.

Legal Notice:
Level 3 has had the ticket open since may 3rd on issue with incoming. It's may 12th and i have still not heard back from them. What kind of service is this.

The stupid tech manager i spoke to yesterday Chris, badge# 322482, assured me that he would call back to follow up. The ASS wont' give me a credit anymore, BUT can't fix the problem either.

It's very simple, either you freaking fix my problem in 24 hr or don’t' give me the attitude as if sun rocket is not at fault for all these issues. Each day of lack of proper service should translate in each month of free service. If you can't do this then FIX THE PROBLEM. AND I AM NOT GOING TO WAIT ANY LONGER .

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What would you like me to do - cancel your service

can you belive this, the fucking manager asks me if i would like to cancle my service.?

HA HA, u ass, you trasffered my number, you fucking charge me for the service, i have disconnected my previous provider service, now you ask me if i would like to cancel my sun rocket service.

Chris, badge# 000322482000


So the manager gets on the phone - CHRIS from tech support

doesn't even want to take the time to read the outstanding tickets i have.

BROADWING is the carrier in the 732 area
we have a ticket open
the ticket was open with broad wing on may 9th.


Remember the number got ported on may 4th, and i had called the same day letting them know about the incoming problem. So you would imagine sun rocket would have opend a ticket the next day and not wait for 3 days.

If i hadn't called them every single day to get an update they would not have even bothered. Bunch of fuckers.

I mean what the fuck ! so one has to be without service indefinitely and be happy about it.

I cancelled my previous carrier service, after sun rocket assured me that the reason incoming calls aren't working is because of the previous carrier still being active.

Once i cancelled my previous carrier the incoming call's were still not working.


May 11th. I was told the gizmo will be shipped overnight and i will have it by today.
called tech support spoke to (Ramya) ups has still not shipped the order. Now sun rocket want's me to wait one more day.
then she tells me that sun rocket was able to change the mac address on the existing gizmo, but there is still a problem with incoming. The ticket has been escalated to engineering department 3 days ago. And they still have not called or fixed the problem.
What the fuck is this. I am fucking out of service.
3 days translates into 3 more month of free service.
If you can't fix my issue today May 11th within 3 hrs i NEED 3 More month of free service for $24.95 for each month.
I don't need your freaking $16 credit I AM NOT UNDER YOU ANNUAL PLAN. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?
If you have the guts then call me on my cell and let's see what you can do. Don't email me like a chicken tring to run away from this. YOU GUYS HAVE SCREWED UP MY SERVICE, so freaking admit and and have the courage to face up.
and stop playing games with me on the email.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This blog was created to tell people how much sun rocket ( The internet phone company SUCKS.

Let's all voice our opinion so people know what a bad company and service they offer. They are a bunch of liers and very nasty people working for them. Half of the time you don't know shit what they are talking with their shitty accent.

Well i can still live with the accent, BUT they are all fucked up from the member service to the customer service, tech deparment, billing and their respected supervisors.

I mean i'll name a few people that you don't want to deal with there, since they dont' know their mouth from their ass.

keep watching this space for more ...